Freitag, 22. Juli 2016
Strangers? Looking beyond walls : peacecamp 2017 in Lackenhof and in Vienna from July 4th to 14th, 2017
Youngsters of four nations (Jewish and Arab Israelis, Hungarian and Austrian) plus a group of asylum seeking adolescents residing in Austria will meet for a 10 days' encounter in the solitude of Austrian mountains.
They will bring their thoughts about the concept of peace and about how they could contribute to make their own world more peaceful.
They will bring their observations about issues of coexistence, of discrimination and conflict within their own living space and share their ideas about complex social issues. A set of workshop will help them experiment with non-violent, creative and innovative ways to cope with challenge, they will face mission impossible tasks, discuss complex issues in "talks4peace" and "large group sessions", prepare a "show4peace" with which they will go on stage in the Viennese theatre "Dschungel" before going back home as Ambassadors of Peace

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