Donnerstag, 30. November 2017
If you meet a stranger talk to him
peacecamp 2018 in Lackenhof und in Wien
3. – 13. Juli 2018
If you meet a stranger talk to him
peacecamp 2018 in Lackenhof and in Vienna
July 3rd. – 13th, 2018

peacecamp 2018 will bring together teenagers from two conflicting groups of the Middle East (Jews and Palestinians) and youngsters from two European nations (Hungary and Austria), including minorities (Romes, refugees). They will be given preparatory assignments meant to trigger thoughts about the relevant social and political issues which impede peaceful coexistence within their communities and to encourage them to think about how people, groups or even themselves could contribute and enhance peaceful coexistence within their countries.

The contemporary social and political issues relevant to the participating groups will thus be brought to the encounter by the participants. These topics will be elaborated and worked through in various ways - through reflection, art and action and in different - playful, cognitive, introspective or other modes.

A number of workshops led by experts (artists, historians, teachers, psychologist, group analyst) will be offered to allow insights, learning, experimenting with, and experiencing new perspectives about oneself and others.

A final show4peace on stage will demonstrate the power of cooperation and of the resources inherent in multiculturality and joint action.

At the end of the encounter, within a formal act, all participants will be awarded the certificate “ambassador of Peace”

peacecamp 2018 will be filmed; each participant will take home a video to be shown to family, friends and peers. The film will be shown on several occasions (show4peace, Jewish film festival, schools, etc.).

peacecamp 2018 will be evaluated and assessed by external researches – a statistician and two clinical psychologists.

peacecamp is being sponsored by Erasmus+ Youth in Action

November 2018
Evelyn Böhmer-Laufer
Initiator and director of the peacecamp project

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