Montag, 4. Juli 2022
peacecamp the end and peacecamp the new beginning
peacecamp the new beginning -

Dear everybody: former participants, teachers, helpers, workshoppers -Ambassadors of Peace!

We are thrilled to announce that peacecamp is back! We, that is Lia, Lukas and AnnPhie are working to continue the legacy of bringing together teenagers from different countries and cultures, to learn from each other how to peace.

Since organising something that big takes time and we can´t tell for sure how much more of the ancient greek alphabet we´ll be forced to learn this year, peacecamp is set to restart 2023. We will work to secure funding, make diabolical plans, laugh maniac laughs and hopefully come up with a great concept, that combines some of the wonderful contents we all have come to love with some new ideas. We will definitely need help and would be happy to continue working with the people that have made peacecamp so very inspiring and addictive. Let us know if we can reach out to you.


2022 might not have a peacecamp yet, but we want to try something different. To remind us all of the long way Evelyn´s vision has come and to learn, what different paths peacecampers went since their peacecamp experiences, we are organizing a virtual Conference of the Ambassadors of Peace. Everybody who has ever taken part in a peacecamp is invited to listen and/ or to speak up themselves: about their current projects, what they have done so far to promote peace, where they could use help from their fellow ambassadors, which inspirations they'd like to share, which disappointments. What hopes did you go out of peacecamp with and how did it play out in reality? We will be able to (re)connect through discussions in smaller groups and meet people we haven´t ever talked to one-on-one. The program depends entirely on how many people want to show something: there can be videos, panels, discussions, even games ? and you can do it all in your pajamas from the comfort of your own home. Now we know, this may sound like a lot of fun, but don´t worry: it will be work too.

In order to organise our big conference call of the ambassadors of peace, we need to get in touch with as many former participants as possible and have them spread the word, so we can start to work on the online program.

Please answer this mail and tell us if you are on board for the Conference of the Ambassador´s of Peace 2022 , if we may contact you to help us organize the Conference Call and of course if you don´t want to receive more mails of this kind. Please spread the word by forwarding this e-mail to whom it may concern, so we can reach as many peacecampers as possible. We hope you are all in good health and are sending our L-O-V-E,

AnnPhie, Lia and Lukas

We are Lia, AnnPhie and Lukas. The new faces of peacecamp. We are thrilled to keep this projekt alive and are looking forward to may more Peacecamps to come.

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peacecamp the end and peacecamp the new beginning
peacecamp the end -

Dear friends,
due to a number of concurrent factors, mainly our age plus the still totally unsecure situation with the pandemic, Ronny and I have decided to retire from the peacecamp project.

After 17 peacecamps which we have conducted since 2004 with tremendous pleasure and satisfaction there will be not be another peacecamp designed and realized by us.

We hope that other people interested in peace education will carry on and assist teenagers' quest for a better understanding of themselves and others and help them to meet the challenges of their time and their society.

We tremendously enjoyed having met you all and are happy to have been on this very special journey together with each one of you.

We hope to maintain and develop our friendship and to meet again in the future.

Thank you for having participated in the unique peacecamp experience and for having become such an important member of the growing peacecamp family.

With best wishes for a future of cooperation and peace between generations, religions and people

Evelyn and Ronny

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